A healthy business community is essential to the life of the village. The Chamber of Commerce Mission is to support the business community by attracting business, customers and tourists to the business district and establishing an environment that will encourage repeat visitors throughout the year. The Chamber will advance and promote the interests and activities of its Members through the establishment of a forum for the discussion of issues of common importance and interest, and prepare reports, studies, submissions and other documentation with respect to these matters.

The Chamber will promote and encourage fair dealings, ethical behavior and share information and opinions for the mutual benefit of its Members. With the intent to promote and improve the standards of practice and qualifications of its Members, the Chamber will provide relevant training programmes as well as organizing and promoting educational, cultural, social and recreational opportunities.

Responsibilities of the Board of Directors and Member Participation

The Board of Directors: 

  • Leads the planning, budgeting and fund raising activities of the Chamber;

  • Organizes the participation of the chamber membership in activities sponsored by the Chamber;

  • Supports the Membership in the financing and management of individual events and promotions;

  • Strives for coordination and cooperation with government agencies across all functional responsibilities.

The Membership: 

  • Supports the planning and budgeting process through input and review opportunities;

  • Organizes, sponsors and leads events in their specific interests;

  • Participates in programmes and events sponsored by the Chamber on a volunteer basis.