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Chatterfield Farms


Phone Number: 613-668-4211
Address: 1956 County Road 16, Merrickville, Ontario
Description: Offering a large variety of Goat Milk Soaps, Beeswax products, handmade food items, gifts, and more.

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Chatterfield Farm and The Goat House Shop are located in Eastern Ontario, Canada. We are 1 hour south of Ottawa and 1 1/2 Hrs North East of Kingston. Just 45 minutes from Ogdensburg, New York.

In our Goat House Shop you can browse our large variety of Goat Milk Soaps, Beeswax products, handmade food items and gifts while enjoying a complimentary coffee or tea, or trying the latest goat milk fudge to come from the kitchen. We bake fresh bread three times a week and often have other baked goods for sale. If you're looking for a quality handmade gift, there are plenty to choose from!
There is always something new to discover at Chatterfield Farm's Goat House Shop.

You can also get a little "goat love" while you're here.
Chatterfield Farm offers Farmgate sales of handmade Goat Milk Soap, Lotion Bars and Lip Balms, Farm Fresh Eggs, Specialty Food Items & Fresh Baked Goods.

The farm life can be a lot of hard work, but also very satisfying. Planting and growing our own food to eat, raising chickens for eggs and milking goats for their fantastic milk is extremely rewarding. Becoming more self sustaining has been a very achievable goal and we are so glad we are doing it! We love this life and through our new shop offering products made from our farm, we are able to share it with others.