Nana B's Bakery

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Nana B's Bakery


Phone Number: 613-454-1380
Address: 318 Main Street, Merrickville, Ontario
Description: A traditional bakery featuring breads, cookies, squares, and take away meals.

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Merrickville, lovingly known as the Jewel of the Rideau, offers a multitude of unique attractions, shops, and eateries. This quaint, heritage community now boasts a traditional bakery: “Nana B's” - a bakery with the mission to offer the community, neighbours, and visitors handmade products that send one's taste buds back to memories of grandmother's kitchen in the 1950's. 

Inside the bakery, you’ll find the intoxicating aroma of fresh, preservative-free bread in a dozen different varieties blending with the similarly natural ingredients used in Nana B’s cookies, squares, and take away meals. The bakery is pleased and proud to offer big flavoured breads, sweets, and meals alike. Artisan breads are made from dough created in a European style and individually hand crafted and the ever-changing dessert items are created using original recipes. The bakery has an open concept design, encouraging visitors to chat with “The Nana’s” as they work their magic in the kitchen.

Behind the bakery you’ll find the river garden. Begun in May of 2014, it is the focus of Nana B's green space and provides in-season and fresh-frozen produce for the kitchen. To accommodate a stroll, the garden is narrow and winds around featured plantings, landscape elements, and long-established trees and shrubs. The garden contains fragrant herbs and flowers; features deep mulch beds and heritage vegetables; and (new for 2015) a butterfly-friendly section.

The bakery sends used vegetable oil to a local garage for bio-diesel conversion; makes use of composting to turn discarded vegetable scraps to new life; and makes full use of the municipal recycling program. The apron laden clothes line in the back yard alone speaks to the mandate of thinking globally and acting locally.

Proud to cater to the tastes of their village, Nana B's Bakery is also a destination location for day-trippers, boaters, cyclist, walkers, and tourist alike. We hope to see you soon.