Yanagi Repair Store

Yanagi Repair Store

Hi my name is Shuya, I’m the owner of Yanagi Repair Store. It’s an alteration / repairs shop and custom work studio based in Merrickville, Ontario Canada.

I’m originally from Japan, and when I worked in sales in Kyoto, I had the opportunity to meet a lot of craftspeople. They inspired me with their ability to create high-quality products, made from sustainable materials, that were meant to last a lifetime. When I moved to Canada, a few years ago, I knew that I wanted to create my own business to do the same thing.

My purpose is to create durable products, and help clients to fix their well-loved items so that they can last a lifetime. If you have a pair of raw-denim that is starting to wear out, I can help you to repair or repurpose your jeans. If you have a backpack that you’ve taken around the world with you, I can help you to continue your adventures. If one of your favourite items is torn or broken, I can help you fix it. If you like to do some custom work, I’d like to help you.

I’m always excited to take on new projects. Please reach out to me directly, or fill out one of the contact forms on the store. Let’s work together!



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