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To be of more service to our farming community, we are creating a list of our local farmers that want to sell to the public and participate in local markets and festivals. For those that want to participate, we will create a map with your preferred contact information. The Farm-to-Fork Map will be downloadable by the public via QR Codes that will be set up around the Village, and there will also be some printed copies available. Please use the link below and fill out the questionnaire to be added to our list, then will will contact you with more details. Thanks for your participation!

Making the Chamber Better for You

Your Board of Directors is actively working towards an open and transparent Chamber of Commerce. You are now able to access Chamber meeting information (date/time), and past meeting minutes, all online. We are open to receiving your comments, suggestions and feedback on what YOU need from your Chamber of Commerce.

We are proud to say that the Chamber has made great progress on the social media front through two separate Facebook pages (Merrickville Chamber and Merrickville - Jewel of the Rideau) as well as a Instagram account.  We also have a Merrickville-Wolford Business Facebook page where you can share information amongst members. We urge you to “like” our Facebook pages and follow us on Instagram to stay up to date with the latest information on our great village.

We welcome any and all feedback, comments or suggestions! Please do not hesitate to contact us at

Minutes of our meetings are available to view and/or download

Helpful Links

Membership with the Chamber enables you to get up to date information from the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, United Counties of Leeds & Grenville Economic Development and Ontario Regional Tourism - Section 9. We recommend you subscribe to these pages.

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce released resources October 7th, 2021 to assist employers and employees address issues with Mental Illness. Check out the Mental Wellness in the Workplace Playbook for Employers for some helpful information.

Check out the By Laws and Letters Patent

updated in June, 2022

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Chamber Mission, Role & Responsibilities

Our Mission

A healthy business community is essential to the life of the village. The Merrickville-Wolford and District Chamber of Commerce mission is to foster a collaborative environment in support of our business community through effective partnerships, marketing, promotion and through advocacy.

Responsibilities of the Board of Directors and Member Participation

The Board of Directors:

Operate in a fair, transparent and accountable manner;

Leads the planning, budgeting and fund raising activities of the Chamber;

Encourages participation of the Chamber membership in activities sponsored by the Chamber;

Seek out and communicate relevant promotional opportunities for individual businesses;

Represent our business community by communicating and collaborating with outside agencies including local municipality, Ontario Chamber of Commerce, Leeds Grenville Economic Development, etc.

Apply for relevant grants to improve and enhance our business community ie. Digital Mainstreet, Shop Local, Victorian Lamp Post Project.

Streetscaping working group representing residents and businesses to implement a seasonal decorating strategy.

The Membership:

Supports the planning and budgeting process through input at monthly meetings;

Engage in communication with Board members to provide feedback to ensure value of your membership;

Assists with sponsorship of events in our area;

Provide content to promote your business (social media, photos, etc.);

Participates in programs and events sponsored by the Chamber such as AGM and networking events.

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The Merrickville & District Chamber of Commerce invites you to be one of the many businesses and organizations who each year participate in our programs that offer great Member benefits. Other communities in our region recognize the success that Merrickville has achieved in the past twenty years and will continue to work for in the future. The Chamber is committed to maintain and improve what we have to offer and to ensure that we are top of mind to new visitors as well as old. On this page, you will find a full description of our membership benefits, distinctions, and pricing. Once you have chosen the right option for your business, you will be able to sign up on line and pay for your membership, through this page.

The Chamber will promote and encourage fair dealings, ethical behavior and share information and opinions for the mutual benefit of its Members. With the intent to promote and improve the standards of practice and qualifications of its Members, the Chamber will provide relevant training programmes as well as organizing and promoting educational, cultural, social and recreational opportunities.

We now accept e-transfer payments to our RBC account.  We have set up the e-transfer with the auto deposit feature.  

You can send your payments to

Membership fees:

  • Invoices will be sent out to Members in January of each year and payment is due upon receipt
  • New Members joining between January 1 and June 30th will be charged the full fee
  • New Members joining between July 1 and December 31st will be charged half the full fee

Membership Benefits:

Your membership strengthens our ability to build on past successes and take our membership into a prosperous future. The Chamber is always striving to bolster our Membership Benefits. At this time, your membership fees include:

  • Listing on the Chamber’s annual map located at the Parkette (Main St and St.Lawrence St.) and also available in print, with opportunity for larger custom ads offered to members only at additional cost.
  • Business feature page on the Chamber of Commerce  website including description, photos and the ability to link directly to your business website, social media and location;
  • Promotion of business and local event information on the Merrickville-Jewel of the Rideau Facebook page and Merrickville_chamber Instagram page;
  • Paid advertising promoting Merrickville-Wolford and its' businesses to encourage visitors and residents to shop local.
  • Regular communications via email for information and marketing opportunities and the Facebook closed member group for discussion;
  • Participation in Chamber advertising and promotional programs at better rates than those available to non-members;
  • Invitation to networking and training opportunities;
  • Opportunity to participate in the Chamber Group Benefits including Group Insurance, Purolator discounts, Credit card processing at group rates and more;
  • The right to attend meetings of the Board of Directors and the General Meetings.


Become a Member Today!

Full Membership

(retail stores, Restaurants, Accommodations and Event Venues)

$185/yr *

Home Based/Contractor/Service

(Does not benefit from tourism or increased visitor traffic)



(not for profit, non-revenue generating individual or organization)


  • Exclusive access to Tourism Familiarizing Tours
  • Increased visitor traffic to your business as a result of Chamber's marketing and promotion of Merrickville-Wolford as a destination
  • Feature Page on the Chamber Website
  • Voting rights at the AGM
  • Discounted rate for networking events
  • Access to online advertising and marketing opportunities
  • Feature Page on the Chamber Website
  • Voting rights at the AGM
  • Discounted rate for networking events
  • Access to online advertising and marketing for your events
  • Business listing on the Chamber Website
  • No voting rights at the AGM
  • Discounted rate for networking events

Level of Membership is confirmed by the discretion of the Board of Directors

*all fees are plus 13% HST, and include $10 OCC fee

More Numbers = More Promotion

By supporting your local Chamber of Commerce with your membership, they will have the funds to do more advertising and promotion to benefit all members

More Numbers = Stronger Advocacy

A strong Chamber of Commerce has more c lout when they advocate on your behalf at the municipal, provincial and federal level


  • 74% of overnight stays in Ontario are residents traveling within their home province
  • in 2022, the Provincial Government added a "Staycation" Tax Credit of $2,000
  • Although most people still prefer to make their purchases in a physical location, the vast majority (87%) now do research online before heading out to shop or dine
  • 73% of consumers surveyed say they are more likely to patronize a business that is a member of a Chamber of Commerce or Board of Trade
  • We promote Merrickville-Wolford as a destination through advertising, digital media and printed material
  • Our website includes a directory of member businesses with links to their Feature page. Our Digital Mainstreet Program is helping member business owners increase their online presence through websites and social media
  • Your Chamber has been successful in applying for and securing grant funding to enhance the streetscaping of the Village Core and promote Shop Local

2023 Board Of Directors:

Trevor Johnson


Yves Grandmaitre

Vice President

Hailey Lachance


Gary Decatur

Director &

Membership Lead

Jan Ditchfield

Director & Networking Lead

Kate Folk

Director &

Communications, Marketing & Promotion Lead

Updates from your Board of Directors

Lots to be thankful for and a lot of hard work being done, including:

  • Support and promotion of the Merrickville Stands with Ukraine Initiative that raised over $50K
  • Significant presence in the annual Destination Magazine
  • Sponsorship of Markets and Events throughout the summer
  • Increase in Merrickville Jewel of the Rideau Facebook engagements
  • Submission of a Provincial Grant application Victorian Lamp posts to enhance the beautification of the Village
  • Production of the annual Business Directory and Map - at the Parkette and Depot
  • Resumption of Chamber Networking events
  • Activities of the Streetscaping Working Group, including production of Merrickville 'Swag' and seasonal decorating in the Village
  • Submission of Feedback to the United Counties Economic Development Regional Tourism Strategy
  • Certified as a Bike Friendly Business Area with Ontario by Bike

We are working hard to foster a collaborative environment in support of our business community through effective partnerships, marketing and promotion activities and through advocacy. We encourage your feedback!

The 2023 Annual General Meeting presentation is now available for viewing!


Application form to affix event signs to the Village entrance signs posts.

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